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These videos are presented as a test case for HTML 5 compatability. I have not tested them in all browsers. There are some restriction because this is new technology. You must upgrade to Internet Explorer IE9 to see the videos. The upgrade is in beta release and it still has issues.

In IE9 I see the videos but in FaceBook, part of the chat does not work. The best I have found is to install the latest version of FireFox.

Length Title Description
5 Min. How we can help you. We do Html5 videos, Postcard with sound, and Scaleable Vector Graphics.
2.44 Min. Trailer for animated tour of Cebu City, Philippines. A 3D animated trailer of Hertage Tour of Cebu, Philipines.
20 Min. Heritage Tour of Cebu. A 3D animated heritage tour of the city of Cebu, Philipines.
93 Min. Sinulog Award Ceremony 2009. A high definition video of Sinulog Awards Ceremony 2009, Cebu City - Philippines
3 Min. Julius Aguilar. julius,plays keyboard and guitar and sings your favorite songs from the 60's, 70's and the 80's.
9 Min. Nessa Birthday 2012. Nessa Jundee 5th birthday party.