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« on: April 18, 2010, 03:28:48 PM »

The purpose of our effort to setup a home web server is to communicate with our customers. I do IT consulting and this is a good way to learn how to do something. After it works I can show it to prospective customers.

The steps of setting up a home web site:
  • Go to a free dynamic web hosting site and register a name.
    I used the site My Dlink Router. This site is associated with the site dyndns - Dynamic Name Server
  • I got the name tetra-wonderland.
    This would make my url Guess what. The site doesn't work from my local computer. Everything hangs and I get no time out message.
  • My Google research:
    I come to the conclusion that port 80 is blocked. My service provider is Cox and they block port 80 as well as others.
    To test if your ports are open go to the site can you see and test if the ports you need are blocked. I change the Apache server to listen on port 8000 and retested. Mmm! Same results. I do know that port 8000 is working since canyouseeme can access the port.
  • More Google research;
    I find a web site that will access my site from outside my local Intranet. Go to UI Type in your URL, hit GO. Then select what you want to do. I choose Validate by WDG or W3C. WDG is more comprehensive than W3C. Also try some of the other options to check your site.
  • Well it still don't work.
    What could be wrong?
    I'm using the URL "". I'm a sub domain of How can I expect to be using port 8000. I finally go to the site (see above) and read the tutorial. What I need is a redirection to another site that would point to my web site and use port 8000. Well the answer is a Web Hop. Or a redirection to a new URL that points to my home site.The web site has a free service to do this. In fact you can get 5 free web site names. I  create the site The redirection looks like this: --> wonderland.homelinux:8000 --> my IP address

  • It works.
    I can access my web site from the internet, but not from my local computers. See more @ Setting up Bind in Ubuntu 9.10
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