Java Web Application Running on Resin Application Server

These web application are writin in JSP (Java Server Pages) and Java Servlets. They are base on the LAMP(Linux, Apache, Mysql and PHP) Deveopment Stack. We do have a lot of PHP built in to our web application, but we prefer to us Java and JSP pages.

Museums of Cebu
Post Card Application
Postcard Advertising

Most Postcard applications today on the Internet, mail a card notification to the recipient. The postcard is stored on the server and the recipient has to visit the site to see his or her message and picture. Well this saves servers download bandwidth, it is sort of like sending the postcard to the recipients neighbor. You've got to make an effort to see it.

The "Postcards from Cebu Philippines" is different. It actually sends the picture, historical text, personal text and sound to the recipients mailbox. A much more personal and rewarding experience.

Web E-Commerce
Forbes Surplus Catalogs
Product Catalogs

These E-Catalogs are a demonstration of the "CAST Marketing Tools" application. It is a management tool to display an online product catalog. It uses a push marketing stratagy to generate new customers using the Internet. The application has several export modes to email Adobe Flash product brochures and product postcards.

Idea Generator
Idea Generator

This application take the right side brain and make connections to the left side brain. A group of word from the arts and beauty are matched to the logical words such as strieght and tight to stimulate the brain. A permutation is preformed to form new word connection.

Creat A Cartoon
Upload Your Cartoon

Up load your cartoon drawing, text and sound here.