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3D Marketing Simulator

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The "3D Marketing Simulator" is a project of the "Cebu Computer Coders Club". The project is intended to demonstrate the talent and programming expertise of Java and C programmers here in Cebu, Philippines.

The project has two markets and they are both part of the business activity here in Cebu. They are furniture, fashion accessories, and the making of computer-generated 3D realistic models.

This tool is package as a standalone CD. The application has two modes of use. A login is required for both modes.

Mode One is all 3D models are what we call public or available for all your customers to see. This mode of operation is called "pull marketing". All the models here are in production. The customer is browsing and ordering from the manufactures current catalog.
Mode Two is a show and tell between the manufacturer and large buying customers. Models shown here are not yet in production. The manufacture is showing potential designs to its most important customers. The system operates like a call center with "push marketing". All models are pushed and controlled by the manufacturer to the customer. Voice over IP is used to interact with the customer to get feedback and new design ideas.

The big advantage is in the cost savings and productivity in simulating a model, getting customer feedback and then go to production. This is called "ready fire aim" marketing. The idea is to decrease the time it takes to get a product to market. It

The "Marketing Simulator" is a first beta release and there are some features and correction to finish.

The "Marketing Simulator" is packaged on a CD. The application then access a web server to get a list of the manufactures current offerings. In this way the models presented by the model browser is always current. This makes a great corporate giveaway to prospective customers. information is also included.

CCCC Cebu Computer Coders Club

System Requirements

The "Marketing Simulator" is written in Java. The write once, run anywhere Internet technology allows this program to run on many different platforms. System requirements are as follows:

  1. Pentium 4 class processor running at 1.5 gigahertz or faster
  2. 256 megabyte or more of memory
  3. Video card capable of running OpenGL architecture version 1.3 or later
  4. 24x speed or faster CDrom drive
  5. 800x600 with 16 million colors, video monitor


This version runs completely from the CD. There is no need to install.

Contact Tetra Cebu

Visit Tetra Cebu web site at Tetrasoft Cebu for more information and updates.

To e-mail us, visit above web site, then click the "Contact Us" tab. Please feel free to ask for support or how your company can benefit from this application.

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