Root and Roo

Root and Roo

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Think Global, Think Internet

Hello! My name is Gary. I live in Cebu. This is my cat, Roo, and she lives there too.

This site is the continuing story of the learning curve going from a Microsoft stand alone platform to a Linux local server, to the Internet. In our first news letter we attempted to tell our story about porting the "EeBoom_Cebu" CD to run on the Linux OS. This letter describes the problems and experiences of porting a lot of Java code to work on the Internet.

In our first news letter we learn about all the 'Gotcha' words that we should avoid. Words like 'C:' and the backslash character. This month it's the same story. Our 'Gotcha' words are 'localhost' and 'absolute and relative addressing'.

Of course if you are working on just one computer, the URL 'localhost' works just great. But in the Internet world, we get in trouble when we attempt to move the source HTML or JSP page to the server. Localhost means local, your computer, the one your working on. There are times you may mean localhost, meaning the remote server. I can think of one case where this is used. A database URL. The database is located on the server. The localhost address is passed to the server, and the server says "Hey, that's me." and the url is correct.

The second part of our 'Gotcha' words is to know how to address local and remote resources. Moving to a remote server site complicates the choices. You are now allowed to write files on somebody else's computer. An example of this is this 'Postcards from Cebu' Web Application. We need to write the the users choice and message to a temporary file location. Then we write a web page to the client that points to the temporary file. To do this we need an absolute server address and a relative web page URL. The Servlet container gives us a way to get the server's absolute path using the method 'getRealPath()'. Our since of where we are located on that path and how to get to our temporary file, will give us the relative address.

In line with the above thinking, I have this story to tell. I belong to a Yahoo group with lot of members living in the Philippines. Any post that includes a local phone number, only contains the seven digit local number. No area or county code. If you're the reader, how do you get in contact with this person? Where does he or she live? This situation is the results of your child up-bring and the size of your world. We all need to 'Think Global, Think Internet'.

Mmmmm! the world is sure bigger than my childhood and the farm I grew up on.

Next time we can tell the story of Threads (or people) and how to keep them from crashing into each other.

So Long from The Root

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