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What is the CCCC
Cebu Computer Coders Club


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Our Logo

The CCCC logo is a tetrahedron (a 3D object with four sides). Each of the four vertices represent a letter in the acronym CCCC. The four sides represent the stucture of the CCCC organization.

The four vertices:

  1. Cebu:
    The city of Cebu. Located in the center of the Philippines.
  2. Computer:
    The interest of this club. Programming in C, C++ and Java.
  3. Coders:
    The people who enjoy programming a computer.
  4. Club:
    A special interest group dedicated to the education and use of computer language.

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The four sides are:

  1. Commitment:

    We are dedicated to this club, this city, this country and to God.

  2. Community:

    The members of CCCC are a community of people that have a strong sense of family sharing and helping each other. The mission is to make Cebu competitive in the world market. We believe that a strong IT(Intellectual Technology) industry in Cebu must be supported with a strong sense of community. We are dedicated to improve the lives of our children, the city of Cebu and all citizens of the Philippines.

  3. Cooperation:

    The Tetrahedron is very strong structure. Each vertex and each side is a cooperating component the make the whole stronger than any one piece. The Cebu C Coders Club has the same structure. Cooperating people make for a very strong organization.

  4. Creative:

    The CCCC is a forum where creative people can express thier talents and ideas.

The tetrahedron is a very stuctually stable object (it's sides are trangles) and is the only one with four sides. If one vertex is longer than the rest the tetrahedron will aways point into the wind. CCCC promotes this idea in in a promise to always be the front runner in the technology of JavaTM.

The colors of the four sides are the same as the Philippine flag.

The Philippine flag

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Our Mission

  1. To work hard for the common good and a better life for our children.
  2. To be honest and fair to all people of the world.
  3. To promote the computer and IT (Intelectual Technology) in the city of Cebu and the nation.
  4. To make Cebu the IT capital of the world.

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